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The Redistricting
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Census, voting, registration, and geographic data sets for
statewide elections beginning in 1992.


Statewide Database

Welcome to the Statewide Database, California's redistricting database. We are responsible for collecting and processing data for California's decennial redistricting. In 2001, 2011 and 2021, these data were used for Assembly, Senate, Congressional, Board of Equalization, and local redistrictings, as mandated by law. Data collection and processing are ongoing between redistrictings, with precinct level datasets and resources published after each election.

Key Resources


After every statewide election we publish voter registration and voting reports at the precinct level. In addition we create digitized precinct boundary files and data conversion tables. Our data conversion tables make it possible to convert a dataset from one geographic unit to another, for example between precincts and census blocks. These resources can be found under the Election tab.


After each Decennial Census, the Census Bureau provides a census block level redistricting dataset as per Public Law 94-171. We merge the census data with the Statements of Registration and Vote from the previous decades' statewide elections to create a block level dataset that allows for analysis of all three datasets on the same unit of analysis: the census block. Explore the Redistricting tab to find these datasets and other documents from past redistrictings.

District Maps

Assembly, Congressional, Senate, and Board of Equalization District maps, certified by the Citizens Redistricting Commission, are hosted here as well. They can be found as well under the Redistricting tab as an interactive map or in a variety of geographic formats.

Please use our Contact Us or call us at (510) 642-9086 if you would like our assistance with any project concerning our data. We also welcome your feedback on this site. Thank you!

Access Tools for Local Projects

For the 2021 redistricting cycle, the Statewide Database developed free-to-use access tools to help Californians participate in the statewide redistricting process. The tools are still available and can be used to share input with local re/districting efforts and for educational purposes. Since the 2021 redistricting, members of the public have been using our Community of Interest mapping tool , which covers the entire state of California, to create testimony that has shaped their local electoral districts.

Statewide Database additionally developed two district-based tools that are specifically focused on California’s statewide districts. Learn more about each of these tools at Draw My California