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May 5, 2013

Dear Statewide Database Clients,

Welcome to the new location of the Statewide Database. Please let us know if you experience difficulties with the site, you can not find something or if you have questions.

As always, let us know if we can help in any other way by emailing: karin at cain dot berkeley dot edu

Statewide Database Home

Welcome to the Statewide Database - the Redistricting Database for the State of California.

On this site, you will find voting, registration and geographic data sets for the State of California for statewide elections beginning in 1992.

We also provide redistricting court cases and redistricting news for all states, and other redistricting resources such as research on redistricting criteria, initiative language and maps.

Please contact us if you would like our assistance with any project concerning our data. We also welcome your feedback on this site. Thank you!

The new 2011 Assembly, Congressional, Senate, and Board of Equalization Districts districts certified by the Citizens Redistricting Commission are hosted on the SWDB website.

Please click HERE for the new districts in our interactive WebGIS and HERE for geographic data. This includes .cdf, .shp, .kmz, and equivalency files for the new districts.

Please see the Data set User Notes on the Data Updates & Whats New page for more information. Thank you!