1992-2000 Precinct Conversion Files

This is a page containing links to all of the pre-2000 General election conversion files in the Statewide Database. They are only available as-is: that is, the files here are exactly those provided by the data contractor. Below you will find a matrix of election and conversion types. The geography type on the far left is that into which you want to resolve your data, that is, the unit of analysis in which you want to translate your data. The geographic indicator immediately to the right of this one is that from which you wish to convert. Next, a list of available conversions are shown. Click on the county or district number in which you are interested to download the corresponding geography. Note that if you see two identical labels, one will download a DAT file and one will download a DBF file.

Documentation and diagrams explaining the precinct file types and conversions can be found on this page.


Notes: An explanation for each column for the RG_SS_G00 file conversion set.

Precinct Types

Geography for Registration precincts, corresponding with RRPREC tabular data. RRPREC data aggregate the original reported registration data (RGPREC data) into these MPREC geographic precincts.
Consolidation of Registration (RR) and Voting (SV) precincts. Both Registration and Voting data are available as SRPREC tabular datasets.

Boundary File Types

.cdf file format. Compatible with Maptitude by Caliper GIS software.
.mif file format. Compatible with MapInfo by Pitney Bowes GIS software.
.shp file format. Compatible with any ArcGIS program by ESRI. Many open source and low cost GIS platforms are able to view/ open the .shp file type.

Data Conversion File Descriptions

SR Precinct to 2010 Block conversion files delimited with fields SR Precinct, Block and Share of Precinct.
2010 Block to Map precinct conversion files delimited with fields Block, Precinct and Share of Block, Share of Precinct. Please note that the share of precinct is not a reliable measure. Please use the MP_BLK or SSP_BLK files instead.
Map Precinct to SR Precinct conversion files delimited with fields MPREC and SRPREC.
SR Precinct to CITY conversion files delimited with fields srprec, city, n_in_city and n...

 Conversion files
PB-G94CY51 CY21 CY01 CY35 CY14 CY43 CY42 CY54 CY44 CY19 CY25 CY52 CY26 CY39 CY56 CY06 CY34 CY49 CY11 CY58 CY09 CY18 CY05 CY41 CY51 CY44 CY58 CY52 CY46 CY25 CY17 CY08 CY28 CY56 CY45 CY27 CY33 CY13 CY47 CY50 CY01 CY35 CY45 CY20 CY34 CY32 CY42 CY13 CY12 CY49 CY48 CY05 CY36 CY24 CY03 CY57 CY18 CY07 CY30 CY23 CY54 CY57 CY47 CY55 CY40 CY19 CY15 CY55 CY20 CY23 CY32 CY26 CY16 CY46 CY33 CY10 CY02 CY53 CY22 CY48 CY10 CY27 CY39 CY03 CY22 CY31 CY29 CY02 CY04 CY24 CY31 CY06 CY28 CY30 CY37 CY21 CY07 CY16 CY38 CY15 CY43 CY53 CY40 CY50 CY36 CY41 CY09 CY11 CY17 CY29 CY14 CY08 CY38 CY12 CY37
PG-P98CY36 CY04 CY26 CY17 CY54 CY58 CY19 CY28 CY21 CY33 CY06 CY42 CY31 CY29 CY23 CY32 CY21 CY46 CY49 CY54 CY22 CY20 CY12 CY46 CY22 CY10 CY18 CY06 CY50 CY19 CY41 CY34 CY07 CY01 CY58 CY44 CY02 CY03 CY45 CY56 CY35 CY07 CY45 CY28 CY35 CY29 CY43 CY48 CY09 CY44 CY15 CY55 CY37 CY51 CY01 CY14 CY11 CY05 CY48 CY52 CY34 CY38 CY09 CY13 CY53 CY16 CY08 CY08 CY15 CY14 CY57 CY39 CY56 CY18 CY36 CY25 CY13 CY43 CY12 CY25 CY03 CY51 CY38 CY37 CY39 CY50 CY10 CY11 CY30 CY26 CY32 CY49 CY57 CY02 CY27 CY52 CY24 CY04 CY41 CY30 CY40 CY16 CY55 CY42 CY23 CY47 CY31 CY17 CY40 CY05 CY47 CY53 CY24 CY20 CY27 CY33
PX-P98CY03 CY30 CY04 CY10 CY22 CY24 CY41 CY06 CY28 CY39 CY31 CY49 CY58 CY56 CY46 CY16 CY02 CY32 CY54 CY18 CY15 CY55 CY48 CY51 CY13 CY44 CY34 CY12 CY57 CY38 CY14 CY50 CY07 CY11 CY53 CY47 CY43 CY45 CY19 CY52 CY42 CY21 CY40 CY29 CY33 CY37 CY25 CY23 CY01 CY35 CY17 CY27 CY36 CY20 CY09
PR-G98CY28 CY13 CY12 CY15 CY57 CY55 CY11 CY01 CY27 CY50 CY56 CY38 CY51 CY45 CY54 CY21 CY30 CY04 CY44 CY07 CY35 CY16 CY02 CY39 CY31 CY18 CY49 CY26 CY37 CY03 CY09 CY20 CY29 CY08 CY43 CY23 CY22 CY42 CY58 CY25 CY05 CY33 CY10 CY06 CY36 CY40 CY14 CY47 CY17 CY19 CY34 CY48 CY46 CY53 CY52 CY32 CY41 CY24
PZ-G96CY44 CY52 CY07 CY24 CY08 CY32 CY54 CY57 CY12 CY35 CY01 CY23 CY28 CY29 CY50 CY39 CY03 CY11 CY26 CY43 CY09 CY36 CY19 CY37 CY27 CY14 CY18 CY38 CY31 CY22 CY53 CY42 CY02 CY48 CY56 CY49 CY25 CY10 CY58 CY47 CY51 CY13 CY34 CY30 CY20 CY41 CY06 CY55 CY45 CY15 CY40 CY04 CY17 CY05 CY33 CY46 CY21 CY16
PZ-P98CY47 CY06 CY50 CY14 CY04 CY09 CY29 CY08 CY32 CY07 CY57 CY34 CY52 CY17 CY12 CY23 CY45 CY49 CY02 CY41 CY19 CY37 CY16 CY20 CY51 CY05 CY46 CY26 CY58 CY44 CY54 CY25 CY38 CY22 CY21 CY33 CY36 CY35 CY24 CY42 CY15 CY43 CY27 CY48 CY10 CY28 CY55 CY03 CY01 CY53 CY56 CY39 CY31 CY11 CY40 CY13 CY18 CY30
PV-G98CY21 CY36 CY31 CY56 CY23 CY34 CY29 CY51 CY03 CY27 CY49 CY58 CY12 CY02 CY17 CY11 CY52 CY09 CY54 CY22 CY28 CY18 CY37 CY15 CY42 CY26 CY40 CY05 CY39 CY46 CY32 CY53 CY25 CY04 CY14 CY38 CY10 CY07 CY30 CY33 CY20 CY01 CY57 CY35 CY19 CY50 CY16 CY44 CY47 CY06 CY41 CY45 CY24 CY08 CY48 CY43 CY13 CY55
PC-G98CY06 CY51 CY56 CY37 CY05 CY30 CY02 CY03 CY32 CY36 CY04 CY40 CY25 CY47 CY43 CY20 CY09 CY01 CY49 CY50 CY13 CY08 CY41 CY53 CY15 CY12 CY46 CY10 CY58 CY54 CY28 CY26 CY11 CY24 CY23 CY31 CY21 CY38 CY16 CY42 CY39 CY29 CY07 CY17 CY45 CY35 CY18 CY44 CY14 CY52 CY48 CY33 CY57 CY55 CY27 CY34 CY22
PD-G98CY18 CY29 CY25 CY54 CY22 CY30 CY56 CY21 CY26 CY44 CY28 CY49 CY40 CY36 CY11 CY14 CY52 CY10 CY33 CY27 CY23 CY08 CY20 CY51 CY58 CY15 CY37 CY24 CY05 CY45 CY46 CY57 CY32 CY42 CY19 CY34 CY03 CY41 CY16 CY43 CY12 CY31 CY09 CY55 CY13 CY38 CY07 CY01 CY06 CY17 CY53 CY47 CY04 CY39 CY02 CY35 CY50 CY48
PZ-P00CY15 CY30 CY39 CY37 CY42 CY41 CY27 CY36 CY10 CY43 CY44
PD-G96CY07 CY36 CY30 CY28 CY08 CY45 CY50 CY47 CY03 CY25 CY58 CY26 CY23 CY02 CY20 CY55 CY28 CY46 CY44 CY04 CY02 CY46 CY19 CY29 CY44 CY15 CY41 CY17 CY07 CY34 CY41 CY42 CY24 CY40 CY43 CY45 CY37 CY31 CY32 CY16 CY49 CY21 CY27 CY21 CY56 CY39 CY24 CY33 CY09 CY01 CY13 CY10 CY15 CY48 CY16 CY20 CY34 CY01 CY10 CY30 CY13 CY52 CY04 CY05 CY35 CY51 CY18 CY39 CY27 CY29 CY09 CY06 CY06 CY14 CY22 CY36 CY08 CY22 CY47 CY33 CY54 CY12 CY23 CY11 CY18 CY54 CY42 CY43 CY52 CY48 CY38 CY50 CY57 CY35 CY57 CY17 CY14 CY51 CY53 CY56 CY37 CY11 CY03 CY12 CY40 CY32 CY19 CY55 CY49 CY26 CY25 CY38 CY05 CY53 CY58 CY31
PZ-G98CY21 CY04 CY22 CY06 CY14 CY11 CY28 CY31 CY43 CY23 CY03 CY26 CY41 CY05 CY50 CY07 CY13 CY39 CY49 CY19 CY51 CY34 CY10 CY16 CY08 CY37 CY02 CY58 CY12 CY52 CY44 CY54 CY38 CY42 CY25 CY32 CY56 CY27 CY33 CY55 CY17 CY24 CY29 CY35 CY57 CY36 CY20 CY40 CY18 CY15 CY53 CY48 CY01 CY46 CY45 CY09 CY47 CY30
PZ-P98CY52 CY45 CY10 CY14 CY25 CY50 CY57 CY46 CY40 CY55 CY23 CY54 CY06 CY44 CY36 CY42 CY32 CY31 CY03 CY53 CY51 CY02 CY17 CY56 CY43 CY49 CY22 CY12 CY26 CY37 CY01 CY29 CY28 CY04 CY39 CY48 CY38 CY41 CY35 CY58 CY33 CY20 CY30 CY07 CY13 CY09 CY27 CY16 CY15 CY05 CY21 CY34 CY08 CY19 CY18 CY11 CY47 CY24
PR-G96CY37 CY14 CY55 CY43 CY40 CY42 CY57 CY38 CY50 CY40 CY19 CY48 CY34 CY08 CY49 CY28 CY24 CY32 CY45 CY11 CY25 CY41 CY58 CY51 CY15 CY19 CY06 CY01 CY35 CY34 CY30 CY36 CY21 CY54 CY17 CY57 CY37 CY17 CY08 CY50 CY20 CY04 CY44 CY56 CY09 CY41 CY22 CY28 CY07 CY33 CY10 CY43 CY26 CY29 CY38 CY48 CY31 CY11 CY16 CY44 CY07 CY13 CY46 CY18 CY18 CY09 CY27 CY13 CY36 CY30 CY47 CY16 CY22 CY21 CY45 CY51 CY27 CY02 CY20 CY29 CY23 CY39 CY12 CY10 CY58 CY32 CY55 CY33 CY06 CY31 CY47 CY23 CY26 CY05 CY39 CY49 CY01 CY04 CY25 CY53 CY42 CY35 CY52 CY56 CY15 CY14 CY24 CY03 CY53 CY46 CY03 CY52 CY02 CY05 CY12 CY54
PV-G96CY37 CY41 CY27 CY38 CY57 CY15 CY36 CY04 CY41 CY48 CY33 CY07 CY55 CY45 CY37 CY42 CY39 CY17 CY10 CY18 CY34 CY19 CY31 CY16 CY56 CY34 CY07 CY08 CY25 CY46 CY12 CY03 CY58 CY32 CY54 CY20 CY49 CY08 CY23 CY32 CY16 CY42 CY01 CY27 CY11 CY09 CY57 CY30 CY13 CY44 CY02 CY05 CY46 CY50 CY40 CY22 CY48 CY26 CY39 CY29 CY47 CY19 CY18 CY43 CY52 CY52 CY51 CY17 CY55 CY51 CY28 CY47 CY44 CY20 CY22 CY24 CY35 CY25 CY38 CY13 CY53 CY40 CY56 CY02 CY36 CY30 CY01 CY29 CY43 CY53 CY06 CY11 CY21 CY50 CY26 CY21 CY04 CY14 CY24 CY23 CY31 CY10 CY15 CY49 CY12 CY03 CY33 CY45 CY58 CY05 CY35 CY14 CY54 CY09 CY28 CY06
PB-G96CY49 CY42 CY36 CY19 CY44 CY04 CY34 CY27 CY02 CY09 CY06 CY21 CY18 CY08 CY37 CY53 CY57 CY20 CY29 CY35 CY44 CY46 CY28 CY31 CY39 CY50 CY12 CY34 CY31 CY45 CY48 CY20 CY58 CY22 CY52 CY47 CY47 CY51 CY14 CY13 CY32 CY43 CY30 CY33 CY16 CY01 CY25 CY05 CY16 CY29 CY23 CY12 CY41 CY41 CY18 CY35 CY15 CY36 CY45 CY53 CY32 CY13 CY42 CY03 CY37 CY55 CY56 CY58 CY11 CY14 CY57 CY08 CY33 CY17 CY05 CY54 CY17 CY48 CY56 CY55 CY28 CY43 CY30 CY38 CY54 CY06 CY26 CY07 CY38 CY24 CY04 CY24 CY52 CY50 CY07 CY11 CY19 CY49 CY03 CY51 CY40 CY23 CY25 CY10 CY27 CY26 CY10 CY39 CY09 CY40 CY15 CY22 CY46 CY02 CY01 CY21
PR-P98CY29 CY25 CY41 CY19 CY18 CY03 CY35 CY06 CY55 CY50 CY43 CY45 CY02 CY49 CY44 CY48 CY47 CY16 CY56 CY01 CY36 CY51 CY31 CY27 CY42 CY54 CY30 CY40 CY13 CY46 CY10 CY09 CY11 CY34 CY14 CY58 CY53 CY38 CY12 CY28 CY20 CY23 CY33 CY32 CY39 CY07 CY57 CY15 CY17 CY24 CY21 CY22 CY52 CY37 CY04
PF-G98CY08 CY31 CY03 CY43 CY29 CY44 CY30 CY50 CY48 CY26 CY12 CY11 CY35 CY01 CY53 CY07 CY41 CY54 CY47 CY20 CY14 CY27 CY46 CY32 CY18 CY22 CY02 CY42 CY45 CY38 CY28 CY21 CY51 CY25 CY58 CY24 CY16 CY33 CY36 CY39 CY17 CY34 CY13 CY23 CY57 CY06 CY04 CY09 CY52 CY55 CY05 CY56 CY15 CY40 CY37 CY49 CY10
PG-G98CY50 CY42 CY17 CY15 CY39 CY55 CY23 CY54 CY46 CY37 CY03 CY11 CY14 CY10 CY47 CY21 CY57 CY45 CY24 CY18 CY19 CY36 CY32 CY38 CY43 CY27 CY04 CY12 CY52 CY26 CY09 CY01 CY48 CY31 CY58 CY16 CY29 CY20 CY51 CY49 CY41 CY06 CY40 CY08 CY33 CY25 CY07 CY02 CY35 CY56 CY30 CY05 CY34 CY28 CY44 CY13 CY53 CY22
PR-P00CY06 CY50 CY23 CY21 CY55 CY53 CY29 CY32 CY43 CY08 CY52 CY56 CY15 CY20 CY24 CY58 CY03 CY38 CY54 CY37 CY17 CY27 CY42 CY04 CY30 CY46 CY11 CY35 CY16 CY07 CY22 CY31 CY51 CY25 CY57 CY47 CY44 CY40 CY13 CY33 CY18 CY48 CY19 CY45 CY41 CY09 CY05 CY49 CY02 CY28 CY14 CY36 CY34 CY12 CY10 CY39 CY26 CY01
PD-P00CY40 CY02 CY38 CY50 CY48 CY29 CY33 CY03 CY32 CY07 CY47 CY06 CY53 CY14 CY16 CY27 CY21 CY30 CY34 CY22 CY28 CY46 CY54 CY05 CY52 CY26 CY43 CY13 CY04 CY58 CY25 CY31 CY19 CY20 CY08 CY57 CY44 CY55 CY15 CY11 CY49 CY23 CY39 CY17 CY10 CY36 CY37 CY01 CY09 CY42 CY18 CY56 CY12 CY24 CY51 CY35 CY45 CY41
PZ-G98CY10 CY36 CY37 CY43 CY44 CY42 CY41 CY27 CY39 CY30 CY15
PV-P00CY11 CY01 CY35 CY29 CY27 CY41 CY03 CY23 CY55 CY28 CY06 CY15 CY39 CY14 CY31 CY37 CY04 CY16 CY07 CY17 CY22 CY49 CY54 CY10 CY08 CY09 CY50 CY53 CY48 CY44 CY25 CY52 CY34 CY43 CY21 CY18 CY45 CY38 CY42 CY56 CY20 CY46 CY32 CY33 CY58 CY26 CY40 CY05 CY30 CY13 CY57 CY51 CY12 CY47 CY02 CY19 CY36 CY24
PE-G98CY44 CY31 CY26 CY50 CY18 CY32 CY46 CY36 CY41 CY53 CY09 CY04 CY15 CY33 CY30 CY02 CY35 CY05 CY52 CY43 CY37 CY56 CY57 CY20 CY14 CY34 CY48 CY28 CY23 CY39 CY13 CY06 CY42 CY38 CY29 CY10 CY07 CY25 CY12 CY22 CY24 CY03 CY51 CY01 CY55 CY17 CY11 CY49 CY16 CY08 CY47 CY58 CY40 CY21 CY27 CY54 CY45
PX-G96CY23 CY04 CY41 CY32 CY37 CY44 CY20 CY50 CY03 CY17 CY21 CY40 CY01 CY49 CY25 CY28 CY58 CY48 CY35 CY11 CY12 CY33 CY30 CY43 CY42 CY13 CY31 CY16 CY45 CY51 CY54 CY29 CY34 CY57 CY53 CY27 CY07 CY10 CY06 CY52 CY02 CY38 CY39 CY24 CY22 CY15 CY09 CY55 CY47 CY36 CY19 CY56 CY14 CY46 CY18
PS-G96CY33 CY07 CY46 CY48 CY22 CY32 CY04 CY24 CY45 CY47 CY17 CY28 CY10 CY35 CY15 CY43 CY21 CY27 CY12 CY57 CY53 CY25 CY20 CY56 CY50 CY44 CY23 CY31 CY40 CY18 CY14 CY09 CY02 CY38 CY37 CY55 CY16 CY19 CY11 CY30 CY52 CY03 CY49 CY13 CY01 CY36 CY58 CY42 CY06 CY39 CY29 CY51 CY34 CY54 CY41
PR-P98CY37 CY06 CY42 CY52 CY51 CY10 CY54 CY19 CY17 CY11 CY20 CY16 CY49 CY39 CY44 CY41 CY21 CY15 CY47 CY14 CY43 CY38 CY02 CY48 CY24 CY56 CY40 CY28 CY08 CY07 CY22 CY27 CY05 CY18 CY09 CY34 CY30
PD-P98CY28 CY14 CY48 CY39 CY17 CY30 CY06 CY40 CY37 CY49 CY34 CY42 CY24 CY08 CY43 CY16 CY19 CY18 CY11 CY41 CY20 CY15 CY21 CY38 CY09 CY27 CY44 CY05 CY52 CY54 CY02 CY10 CY56 CY22 CY07 CY47 CY51
PZ-G98CY03 CY53 CY27 CY22 CY26 CY10 CY23 CY31 CY18 CY06 CY01 CY04 CY33 CY24 CY12 CY38 CY50 CY05 CY42 CY21 CY55 CY28 CY13 CY35 CY30 CY34 CY08 CY51 CY56 CY41 CY48 CY58 CY52 CY16 CY46 CY40 CY43 CY29 CY20 CY07 CY02 CY39 CY36 CY49 CY15 CY44 CY45 CY09 CY11 CY14 CY57 CY32 CY47 CY17 CY37 CY54 CY25 CY19
PZ-G96CY02 CY45 CY15 CY04 CY50 CY39 CY52 CY09 CY33 CY48 CY05 CY54 CY34 CY35 CY30 CY01 CY44 CY23 CY26 CY21 CY25 CY19 CY11 CY58 CY18 CY14 CY42 CY55 CY31 CY10 CY16 CY49 CY03 CY43 CY57 CY40 CY47 CY08 CY36 CY51 CY46 CY27 CY17 CY41 CY20 CY53 CY32 CY37 CY24 CY38 CY56 CY22 CY07 CY06 CY12 CY13 CY29 CY28
PV-P98CY30 CY11 CY54 CY44 CY18 CY56 CY49 CY22 CY07 CY43 CY40 CY28 CY52 CY09 CY47 CY48 CY41 CY10 CY34 CY21 CY27 CY06 CY37 CY20 CY15 CY51 CY42 CY19 CY38 CY39 CY08 CY05 CY16 CY14 CY24 CY17 CY02
BL-C90CY24 AD08 AD01 CY30 AD03 CY17 AD40 CY55 AD12 AD33 AD70 AD74 AD45 AD23 AD76 CY16 AD61 CY21 AD39 AD07 AD41 CY02 AD38 CY52 AD79 AD28 CY56 AD49 AD64 AD72 CY10 AD69 CY57 CY13 AD67 CY12 AD73 AD11 CY20 CY26 CY06 AD48 CY39 CY01 AD71 CY09 CY53 AD15 CY49 AD25 AD31 AD51 AD62 CY29 AD37 AD13 CY18 CY33 AD16 AD02 AD75 AD68 AD42 CY14 AD17 AD24 CY44 CY48 AD78 AD22 AD04 CY25 CY04 AD27 CY36 AD29 CY28 CY05 AD47 CY38 CY23 CY11 AD55 AD43 CY37 CY35 CY07 CY41 CY43 AD58 CY15 AD21 AD06 CY27 AD35 CY19 AD80 AD26 CY54 AD52 AD14 CY46 CY47 CY22 AD50 AD05 CY45 AD56 AD30 AD53 AD34 AD65 AD20 AD63 CY31 AD59 AD36 CY51 AD77 CY08 CY40 AD66 AD44 AD10 AD54 AD18 AD32 CY50 CY58 AD09 CY34 AD46 AD57 CY42 AD60 AD19
PG-G96CY27 CY53 CY58 CY46 CY21 CY10 CY23 CY03 CY27 CY47 CY44 CY48 CY03 CY16 CY33 CY43 CY15 CY39 CY19 CY15 CY30 CY53 CY38 CY08 CY51 CY40 CY36 CY19 CY37 CY12 CY57 CY38 CY14 CY31 CY39 CY42 CY01 CY32 CY49 CY35 CY06 CY24 CY09 CY22 CY45 CY11 CY22 CY12 CY49 CY54 CY29 CY02 CY17 CY06 CY04 CY55 CY25 CY13 CY35 CY21 CY33 CY47 CY26 CY45 CY02 CY42 CY40 CY58 CY26 CY56 CY41 CY08 CY41 CY37 CY31 CY07 CY11 CY55 CY13 CY23 CY05 CY43 CY30 CY57 CY20 CY07 CY10 CY16 CY04 CY54 CY34 CY34 CY50 CY18 CY29 CY46 CY20 CY56 CY28 CY44 CY52 CY51 CY50 CY01 CY18 CY17 CY32 CY48 CY09 CY36 CY14 CY05 CY28 CY25 CY24 CY52
PG-P00CY18 CY24 CY51 CY46 CY43 CY19 CY25 CY38 CY35 CY53 CY13 CY55 CY05 CY52 CY12 CY40 CY45 CY39 CY34 CY03 CY47 CY04 CY09 CY49 CY31 CY02 CY08 CY42 CY41 CY17 CY07 CY44 CY37 CY11 CY33 CY58 CY10 CY29 CY32 CY21 CY27 CY36 CY15 CY57 CY26 CY01 CY14 CY56 CY28 CY23 CY22 CY48 CY16 CY30 CY20 CY06 CY50 CY54
PU-P00CY01 CY15 CY27 CY42
PW-P00CY42 CY15 CY01 CY27
blkc059 c073 c095 c057 c045 c003 c101 c047 c015 c085 c107 c099 c043 c039 c091 c025 c111 c041 c023 c081 c115 c021 c029 c009 c079 c007 c035 c055 c087 c061 c113 c017 c097 c071 c093 c105 c109 c075 c083 c103 c049 c005 c031 c069 c051 c027 c089 c063 c037 c067 c065 c077 c011 c001 c013 c033 c053 c019
blkc085 c013 c037 c053 c103 c077 c069 c049 c021 c047 c083 c107 c001 c017 c003 c075 c081 c011 c019 c029 c091 c097 c067 c087 c111 c031 c071 c015 c115 c025 c099 c065 c039 c055 c051 c005 c113 c041 c033 c023 c095 c035 c059 c089 c009 c073 c027
srprecc077 c049 c083 c059 c079 c109 c065 c035 c045 c095 c093 c073 c037 c089 c113 c033 c055 c101 c021 c087 c023 c011 c097 c107 c051 c063 c067 c043 c015 c017 c025 c099 c071 c007 c085 c041 c005 c009 c001 c057 c003 c047 c027 c111 c031 c053 c105 c075 c103 c039 c091 c061 c029 c115 c069 c013 c081 c019
blkc115 c083 c011 c051 c105 c049 c067 c059 c009 c071 c025 c005 c081 c003 c013 c001 c091 c113 c019 c041 c027 c023 c065 c101 c085 c111 c061 c053 c063 c069 c107 c103 c035 c017 c095 c043 c079 c015 c047 c033 c089 c099 c077 c057 c055 c031 c097 c029 c037 c039 c093 c021 c073 c075 c109 c087 c007 c045
srcfmt c033 c097 c015 c047 c051 c037 c075 c021 c043 c073 c101 c093 c085 c005 c035 c011 c089 c049 c059 c071 c057 c077 c027 c099 c055 c065 c113 c067 c001 c087 c109 c009 c081 c103 c069 c019 c039 c115 c025 c045 c031 c095 c013 c083 c111 c023 c029 c053 c017 c079 c105 c107 c063 c041 c061 c007 c003 c091
svc019 c065 c043 c057 c031 c021 c071 c051 c059 c035 c095 c023 c109 c079 c041 c055 c111 c077 c115 c069 c033 c015 c011 c085 c001 c007 c075 c087 c101 c081 c091 c105 c003 c045 c037 c047 c083 c061 c097 c099 c067 c049 c027 c039 c017 c025 c107 c089 c005 c029 c103 c093 c009 c053 c113 c063 c073 c013
rgc107 c097 c083 c029 c071 c063 c027 c013 c049 c033 c075 c039 c101 c081 c041 c115 c061 c111 c031 c003 c007 c055 c051 c025 c065 c023 c057 c105 c047 c067 c079 c069 c085 c109 c073 c113 c089 c103 c005 c011 c093 c015 c077 c091 c095 c001 c037 c035 c017 c021 c045 c053 c009 c099 c059 c019 c087 c043
srprecc065 c051 c001 c043 c113 c057 c037 c053 c059 c027 c099 c017 c085 c045 c029 c063 c073 c071 c101 c055 c087 c021 c019 c013 c025 c035 c031 c007 c069 c081 c083 c049 c047 c009 c005 c039 c089 c095 c097 c003 c105 c075 c109 c107 c103 c011 c061 c093 c079 c015 c033 c111 c091 c067 c041 c077 c115 c023
blkc005 c041 c037 c025 c069 c051 c031 c039 c075 c111 c055 c017 c059 c089 c073 c011 c067 c065 c109 c045 c079 c001 c027 c023 c115 c103 c085 c057 c093 c003 c077 c063 c053 c061 c113 c015 c019 c105 c021 c097 c083 c099 c035 c043 c009 c087 c101 c007 c081 c071 c095 c013 c029 c033 c047 c091 c107 c049
srprecc101 c029 c045 c107 c049 c005 c023 c063 c113 c097 c093 c013 c027 c059 c075 c055 c069 c001 c071 c061 c035 c009 c079 c109 c089 c019 c043 c025 c099 c007 c065 c087 c105 c047 c103 c095 c073 c021 c053 c077 c057 c085 c017 c011 c041 c115 c083 c067 c037 c033 c015 c003 c051 c039 c091 c081 c031 c111