"Citizens Fair Districts Act"

June 26 , 2007

The people of the state of California hereby make the following findings and declare their purpose in enacting the Act is as follows:

(a) Our state arid congressional elected law makers should be responsive to the voters of the State of California .

(b) When the Legislature draws its 'own districts, it draws maps that cut up neighborhoods, communities, cities and counties in order to create safe seats for incumbents or party favorites.

(c) When districts are drawn for politicians instead of voters, politicians can no longer be held accountable by their constituents.

(d) Legislators have publicly acknowledged that it is an inherent conflict of interest for them to draw their own districts. In 2001, incumbent seW-interest and politics resulted in uncompetitive districts drawn behind closed doors and out of the public eye.

(e) Citizens who vote in the State of California , not politicians, are best suited to adopt a fair and nonpartisan redistricting plan.

(f) This Act will end the legislators' conflict of interest, take redistricting away fiom incumbent politicians and make politicians accountable to the voters again.

(g) This Act will end the practice of incumbent protection where incumbent politicians protect their legislative seats by drawing "safe" districts and will foster increased f& competition in primary and general elections.

(h) This Act establishes an independent Citizens Redistricting Commission drawn randomly from the voter rolls of each Assembly District in California and would empower ordinary citizens to ensure fairness in the redistricting process and establish a fair redistricting plan.

(i) This Act requires compliance with the voting Rights Act.

(j) This Act requires that counties, cities and communities of interest should not be split to protect incumbents.


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