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California's 2011 Redistricting & the Citizens Redistricting Commission

Update September 28, 2011 - The California Citizens Redistricting Commission completed the line-drawing process and certified its maps to the Secretary of State on August 15, 2011.

Historically the California Legislature has been responsible for redrawing the state's legislative district boundaries. Proposition 11 (the Voters FIRST Act), passed in the November 2008 General Election, transferred responsibility for redrawing the State Senate, Assembly and Board of Equalization district lines to a new Citizens Redistricting Commission. In November 2010, voters passed Proposition 20 (the Voters FIRST Act for Congress), adding drawing the boundary lines for the Congressional districts to the responsibilities of the Citizens Redistricting Commission.  The Commission was required to draw all four maps by August 15, 2011.

California's first Citizens Redistricting Commission (CRC) is a 14-member Commission made up of five registered Democrats, five registered Republicans, and four California voters registered with no party at all (‘decline-to-state’). The Commission was tasked with drawing Congressional, State Senate, Assembly, and State Board of Equalization districts in conformity with specific criteria outlined in Propositions 11 and 20 and now in the California Constitution. The full Commission was selected on December 15, 2010, and after a very early resignation and replacement, the full commission (see below) had been sworn in by February 10, 2011. The Commissioners serve for ten years. Go here to see the meeting notices and agendas and here to view all meetings recorded and archived on the CRC website.

Who are the commissioners?

Registered Democrats
Registered Republicans
Registered Decline-To-State (DTS)

The demographics of the Commissioners are summarized here, and their application materials are found here. For a full description of the year-long application and selection process click here.