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Adjusted Census Data

The following files are the "adjusted data" for the 2000 Census for the State of California by county. The Census Bureau recently released these data for every State after the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in Carter v. U.S. Department of Commerce, 307 F3d. 1084 (2002) that the Freedom of Information Act required their release.

Even though these data are public, they were not published on the Census' web site. The Bureau instead set up a process by which any interested party can request the data from them. The Bureau released a disclaimer along with these data.

To make it a little easier for those that just can't wait to get their hands on this data set, we have made it available for download via the Statewide Database. We have posted only the California files on our web site. If you need files for other states, please visit the Institute for Social Science Research Data Archive.

These "adjusted data" were developed by the Census Bureau as part of the Operational Plan for Census 2000. For more information on Census 2000 Operations please visit here. You can find more information about how these data were created by reading the Census document Accuracy and Coverage Evaluation survey documentation from the Census site. This link provides detailed documentation for the A.C.E. Revision II.

If you use these data and you have some interesting findings, we would appreciate it if you would share them with us. Also, if you crunch data for California from this site that might be interesting to other users and you don't mind sharing them, please let us know so we can put them up in our report section.

The summary file
The statewide data file

County Number County Name FIPS Code
County 1AlamedaFIPS 001
County 2AlpineFIPS 003
County 3AmadorFIPS 005
County 4ButteFIPS 007
County 5CalaverasFIPS 009
County 6ColusaFIPS 011
County 7Contra_CostaFIPS 013
County 8Del_NorteFIPS 015
County 9El_DoradoFIPS 017
County 10FresnoFIPS 019
County 11GlennFIPS 021
County 12HumboldtFIPS 023
County 13ImperialFIPS 025
County 14InyoFIPS 027
County 15KernFIPS 029
County 16KingsFIPS 031
County 17LakeFIPS 033
County 18LassenFIPS 035
County 19Los_AngelesFIPS 037
County 20MaderaFIPS 039
County 21MarinFIPS 041
County 22MariposaFIPS 043
County 23MendocinoFIPS 045
County 24MercedFIPS 047
County 25ModocFIPS 049
County 26MonoFIPS 051
County 27MontereyFIPS 053
County 28NapaFIPS 055
County 29NevadaFIPS 057
County 30OrangeFIPS 059
County 31PlacerFIPS 061
County 32PlumasFIPS 063
County 33RiversideFIPS 065
County 34SacramentoFIPS 067
County 35San_BenitoFIPS 069
County 36San_BernardinoFIPS 071
County 37San_DiegoFIPS 073
County 38San_FranciscoFIPS 075
County 39San_JoaquinFIPS 077
County 40San_Luis_ObispoFIPS 079
County 41San_MateoFIPS 081
County 42Santa_BarbaraFIPS 083
County 43Santa_ClaraFIPS 085
County 44Santa_CruzFIPS 087
County 45ShastaFIPS 089
County 46SierraFIPS 091
County 47SiskiyouFIPS 093
County 48SolanoFIPS 095
County 49SonomaFIPS 097
County 50StanislausFIPS 099
County 51SutterFIPS 101
County 52TehamaFIPS 103
County 53TrinityFIPS 105
County 54TulareFIPS 107
County 55TuolumneFIPS 109
County 56VenturaFIPS 111
County 57YoloFIPS 113
County 58YubaFIPS 115

Additional data

The statewide data file by tract (sumlev 730)
The statewide data file by tract (sumlev 140)
The statewide data file by block group (sumlev 740)