State Debate: Beloit Daily News sees redistricting suit opening a window on an ugly world

Capital Times, The (Madison, WI) - Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Beloit Daily News argues today that the suit over Wisconsin's redistricting last year is opening a window to an ugly world. The suit is letting people see just how politicians manipulate the system so that they can maintain control by drawing districts to their advantage. Politics, not democracy, rules the day. If nothing else, the suit could spur the people to demand redistricting reform. 

In a rebuff to the city's mayor and a kudo to Gov. Scott Walker, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel today endorses the governor's plan to do away with municipalities' residency requirements for public employees. The time for them has passed, the paper editorializes. 

The Racine Journal Times dismisses charges that the governor's proposed small tax cut disproportionately goes to the wealthy. If you pay more taxes, you get a bigger cut, the paper argues. Besides, the state ought to be cutting more so that more money goes back into taxpayers' hands. 

Political Environment blogger James Rowen says so much for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's hope that the Republicans in the Legislature would do what's right with the mining bill. Now that it's passed the Senate, Rowen notes, it's a sure thing to become law. 

On BloggingBlue, Zach Wisniewski notes the Milwaukee police chief's appearance before the U.S. Senate's Judiciary Committee Wednesday, urging passage of the Obama administration's gun control efforts. The chief wonders how many mass killings have to occur before some action is taken. Blogger Owen Robinson, a big supporter of concealed carry laws, tells his readers that they need to understand the responsibilities of owning a weapon and how it can cost you big time if you are forced to use it. 

Blogger Chris Liebenthal contends today that Gov. Scott Walker's budget proves that his favorite "tool" for the state's education system is the hatchet. He insists the governor is going to leave the state's public schools in a shambles before he's done. But, in a column for the Wausau Daily Herald, the governor's secretary of revenue, Rick Chandler, insists the Walker budget is going to help the middle class. 

Conservative blogger David Blaska insists today that Sarah Manski and her husband Ben did indeed target Ananda Mirilli in the School Board primary. He contends that they were part of a left-wing conspiracy to paint her as a supporter of voucher schools. Mirilli became a victim of left-wing racism, Blaska charges. 

The Stevens Point Journal frets that the sequester expected to take effect Friday is going to have a big impact on the local economy. So why can't the two sides come together? the paper wonders. 

Alarmed by a study that shows many Wisconsin drivers still don't use their seat belts, the Manitowoc Herald Times Reporter calls for increasing the ridiculously low $10 fine for not buckling up.