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High Court: No Colo. Redistricting Stay

Jan 29, 2004

DENVER (AP)--The Supreme Court on Thursday rejected a GOP request for a stay that would have blocked a redrawn congressional map that favors Democrats.

Republicans will not pursue a stay from another judge and will wait until the high court decides whether to take up the dispute over the map, said Senate President John Andrews, a Republican.

Justice Stephen Breyer, who is responsible for Colorado, issued the ruling.

Because of the decision, Secretary of State Donetta Davidson likely will use the same map during this election cycle that was used for congressional elections two years ago.

That map, drawn by a judge after lawmakers failed to approve new boundaries in time for the November 2002 election, is more favorable to Democrats.

Republican lawmakers redrew the map last May, hoping to use it this fall. But Democrats sued and the Colorado Supreme Court threw out the GOP-drawn map, saying the work can legally be done only between the national census and the ensuing general election.

Attorney General Ken Salazar, a Democrat, had urged the nation's high court not to block the judge's map. He said the state court ruling was not a question of courts ``usurping'' the power of the Legislature, as Republicans alleged, but a question of whether a state may restrict congressional redistricting to once per decade following reapportionment.

``Nothing in the federal constitution precludes such a state constitutional restriction,'' Salazar said.

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