Prop. 11 Appears to be Passing

Monday, 10 November 2008

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)  -- Only one statewide ballot measure remains too close to call. KCBS reporter Doug Sovern say it appears that Proposition 11, the redistricting measure, will pass, but it's still not official.

Governor Schwarzenegger has declared victory already, saying voters did approve his redistricting plan, Prop 11. It is ahead, 50.7 percent to 49.3, but that's a margin of only 129,000 votes. Ten million have been counted, and there are almost three million still to go.

If it does end up winning, former San Francisco Mayor, and longtime Assembly Speaker Willie Brown says Prop. 11 could well be challenged in court, especially if the new 14-member redistricting commission draws a map that lowers the number of minorities in the legislature.

"The courts have thrown out plans that clearly disadvantaged people of color from gaining representation," said Brown.

But supporters, including the governor, are confident the measure will be upheld. If it is, Brown says, it should lead to some new faces in Sacramento, four years from now.

"It will create, I think, an opportunity for newcomers to get elected to public office, because it will not be tailor-made, and designed for incumbents," said Brown.

AUDIO: Doug Sovern Reports


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