Incumbents paired in Senate redistricting proposal

Associated Press State Wire: New Mexico (NM) - Tuesday, September 20, 2011
Author: BARRY MASSEY - Associated Press
Senate Democrats are proposing to reshuffle the political landscape of the 42-member Senate by drawing new districts that could force two incumbent Republicans to run against each other in next year's election. 

Democratic leaders hoped to schedule the redistricting plan for Senate debate on Tuesday. 

The proposal would merge two districts in southeastern New Mexico, putting Republicans Rod Adair of Roswell and William Burt of Alamogordo in the same district. The plan also pairs Democratic Dede Feldman and Republican John Ryan in one Albuquerque district. 

The Legislature's task is to adjust boundaries to equalize district populations as much as possible. 

Lawmakers propose to consolidate districts in slower growing areas to make way for more representation in the west side of Albuquerque because of its rapid population growth.