Redistricting OK'd by commissioners

Bangor Daily News (ME) - Wednesday, June 16, 1993
Author: Diana Bowley Of the NEWS Staff: BANGOR DAILY NEWS (BANGOR, MAINE
While not pleased with the reapportionment of their districts, Piscataquis County Commissioners on Tuesday agreed to make changes to appease the Reapportionment Commission. 

The commissioners have proposed placing the town of Willimantic in District 3 and the town of Parkman in District 1. Willimantic will then be served by Eben DeWitt and Parkman by Gordon Andrews. 

The commissioners earlier recommended that the districts remain intact, but the Reapportionment Commission replied that it would not be an "ideal situation." 

Under the redistricting, Joseph L.A. Morin will serve a population of 6,565, with Andrews and DeWitt following at 6,055 and 6,033, respectively. The Reapportionment Commission believes that 6,218 is an ideal population for each district. 

The proposal, if accepted by the Reapportionment Commission this week, will take effect next fall. 

Beginning Thursday, July 1, residents in the Millinocket Lake area, portions of which lie in Piscataquis and Penobscot counties, will no longer dispose of trash at receptacles in Millinocket and at the Dolby landfill. Disposal service will be provided by Grant's Trash of Bangor through a contract negotiated on behalf of the county by the Penobscot County Commissioners. 

Because the contract does not include the disposal of all solid waste, Millinocket town officials have requested a joint meeting with the Penobscot and Piscataquis commissioners to address certain concerns. 

Millinocket Town Manager James Kotredes said Tuesday that town officials were concerned that only normal municipal waste was addressed in the contract with Grant's Trash. The contract does not include the pickup of demolition debris, white goods and other special wastes, which represents about 20 percent of the waste stream but 40 percent of solid waste costs, he said. 

Kotredes is afraid that special wastes will either end up in a Millinocket transfer station or wind up discarded on a woods road. While he applauded the county commissioners on their efforts to control solid waste costs, he said little had been done to inform the residents in the unorganized townships of the changes. 

"This contract is scheduled to take effect on July 1 and we expect that unless they notify everybody and work with these people so that they understand that, we're going to have a number of people driving up to our transfer station on July 1 to dispose of their trash and we're the ones that are left to tell them that the game has changed," Kotredes said.